Burstcatch Operating Video

Burstcatch Fitting Video

Full fitting instructions are also supplied with the product. 

1. Ensure the hinges are rigid before you start to position Burstcatch 
2. Offer up Burstcatch, ensure the latch stays on the flat section shown with the pencil 
3. Position Bustcatch as shown in the video 
4. Then mark the position with a pencil 
5. Remove the packer from Burstcatch as shown 
6. Mark for the Qty 2 M5 holes ready to be drilled 7mm oversized for clearance 
7. Drill the holes with a 7mm drill so that the final positioning is easy 
8. Position the plates as shown and screw the Qty 2 - M5 screws through to Burstcatch 
9. Ensure the Burstcatch position on the latch is still correct and tighten the screws 
10. Test the Burstcatch by forcing the door.  Busrstcatch is now fully installed.



Burstcatch Step by Step

These photos show step-by-step how the Burstcatch door lock yields under pressure and automatically resets itself with no damage to the toilet door.

  • 1
  • Description:

    Burtscatch securely locks the toilet door

  • 2
  • Description:

    When pressure is applied, the Burstcatch system begins to give way

  • 3
  • Description:

    After sustained pressure, the Burstcatch lock releases to give access

  • 4
  • Description:

    No damage is caused to the cubicle door

  • 5
  • Description:

    Burstcatch resets iteself

  • 6
  • Description:

    The toilet door can be securely locked again