Wellacre Academy Case Study

When Graham Barry from Wellacre Academy in Flixton, Manchester, contacted us he was uncertain if Burstcatch was the right choice to solve the continued maintenance issues he was experiencing with the locks on the toilet cubicles he was responsible for.

"...Wellacre decided to roll out Burstcatch across their academy"

We discussed his requirements and he decided to trial four Burstcatches so that they could be installed on his most troublesome locations as a trial over several weeks.

Within two weeks Graham realised that the locations where Burstcatch was installed were already saving him time and money. He briefly discussed this with his finance department and they decided to roll out Burstcatch across their academy.

After receiving the vandal proof catches they were installed quickly by their own maintenance team. Burstcatches last for years and their solid machined aluminium construction means they can withstand knocks bumps and abuse without the need for maintenance.

Burstcatch Step by Step

These photos show step-by-step how the Burstcatch door lock yields under pressure and automatically resets itself with no damage to the toilet door.

  • 1
  • Description:

    Burtscatch securely locks the toilet door

  • 2
  • Description:

    When pressure is applied, the Burstcatch system begins to give way

  • 3
  • Description:

    After sustained pressure, the Burstcatch lock releases to give access

  • 4
  • Description:

    No damage is caused to the cubicle door

  • 5
  • Description:

    Burstcatch resets iteself

  • 6
  • Description:

    The toilet door can be securely locked again